The Grinberg Method

The Grinberg Method teaches to unify the attention of the body and mind and to tap into the body’s ability to transform pain and fear in order to expand perceptions of life to fulfill and enrich oneself rather than to close in and add walls to oneself.

As human beings, we have the capacity to create change to improve our lives, our health and our goals. The more we develop ourselves individually and freely, the more positive impact we have on the world around us. Grinberg Method practitioners have dedicated themselves to teaching exactly that, in different parts of the world, to more than 500,000 clients, over the past 30 years.

This practice was created by Avi Grinberg, a former nurse who started his practice in the Israeli army for war trauma and caregivers. He also drew on different practices such as Zen, reflexology, gestalt therapy and traditional indigenous healing. He focuses this holistic practice on the attention of the body. During the professional training you will learn to master the art of creating tailor-made sessions to teach people to stop limiting patterns and support their healing process.

Ve your body – be your potential – be unique

The Grinberg Method teaches us to embody and become our body by becoming aware of our ability to pay attention through the body rather than seeing the body as an appendage controlled by the head and mind. The method teaches us to embody our attention so that our attention contains the body and what it perceives, thus making our body and mind ONE. Our body is our potential and allows us to perceive and experience life in unique ways. However, cultural, educational and family expectations have trained our attention through patterns that limit our perception of ourselves and the world. Over time we have lost the ability that children still have to be fully in what they experience. Thinking, acting, relating to the space around us, feeling various emotions as a united and total experience of reality are altered by the patterns we identify with. The Grinberg Method teaches us to recover the ability to learn from each situation and to adapt in order to be fulfilled in life.

Fear is what binds us to our survival and priorities

The Grinberg Method teaches us to experience the energy of fear in a way that is present, intense and connected to our needs. The body knows that it is perishable and therefore produces fear in order to be attentive and in the presence of its means. We come from western societies whose objective is to tame fear by creating walls and doing everything to avoid or deny it. The world is always in motion, when we try to freeze reality we remain in the past and lose our attention to the moment.

Fear is the way to feel our energy, our vitality, our curiosity about life and others. We have to go through fear in all areas of our life: personal, professional, relational, family… This means that in each of these areas we have developed reactive attitudes that extinguish our inner fire, our ability to think, to accept the mystery that can exist in life, to lose our motivation in the face of our dreams, our inner compass in the midst of the flow, etc…

The Grinberg method teaches us to drain and distinguish between old fears that hinder the experience of the present and those that concern current achievements, so as to remain in a state of becoming and open to life.

About the teacher


Esther Cohen has been a Grinberg Method practitioner for 15 years (2007) and is the founder of Prendre Corps – professional training in France.

I have always been interested in human development, my own, that of others and the living arts, which is why I have professional skills in these two fields. I have been an EJE for 10 years with a great interest in psychoanalysis and active education methods. In parallel, I have always led an artistic life around the living arts until I made it my profession for many years, exploring the body, movement, voice, writing, philosophy, working on presence.

But in the end, it is a personal research around identity, the relation to reality, the “truth” that has always pushed me into the confines of the human soul, coming from uprooted parents who have lived through wars. Repair, transmission and creativity are values that are part of my essence. In my journey, I discovered the Grinberg Method which I have been practicing since 2007 and which has given me the keys to significantly and concretely change where talking therapy for many years lead nowhere to stop dissociation and others complication in life dû to trauma experience.  This practice, which combines science, traditional ethnic healing, meditation and creativity, meets my need for permanent evolution, learning and transmission of resiliency.

I have completed a Grinberg Method teacher training program for 3 years with the founders Avi Grinberg and Ruth Elkana. I am also an active member of the International Association of Grinberg Method Practitioners IAGMP.

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