What you will learn from this training

séance refleogologie hollistique prendre corps

The bodypresence professional training is a body-based teaching and learning to becoming a Grinberg Method practitioner. This methodology teaches how to be well in life and healthier by stopping automatic reactions to fear and pain and tapping into the body ability to heal itself. 

It is designed for people who want to work in a body-mind profession using touch, verbal description, breathing and movement to empowered people on their personal journey.

  • The Art of Touch – In this somatic practice you will learn not only touch techniques but also how to pay attention to what the patient’s body is communicating and to use different qualities through your body attention to teach and touch  by your hands and voice.
  • To teach to heal and not to heal in order to give people the means to change as they wish. We teach the person what he or she is doing in his or her body and life that limits him or her in order to free him or herself from it and to draw on qualities that are absent from his or her attention but present in his or her body.
  • Foot Analysis is a way to identify how patterns fit into the person’s body and feet. You will learn 28 techniques for working with the feet – holistic reflexology.
  • Designing your sessions and gaining experience to structure and adapt the follow-up of the session to each person individually. 
  • Personnal training to become present, attentive, full of energy,increasing your ability to focus your attention. 
  • Requires professional and personal ethics.

You will teach people in a process of learning through the body to free themselves and recover from chronic symptoms, physical conditions or traumas.

The Grinberg Method teaches people to use their own abilities to deal with their personal struggles and difficulties in life. Clients learn to deal with issues in their lives by increasing their body attention in various situations and expanding their awareness of experience through their body. This allows for a shift from “talking or explaining their life” to experiencing other possibilities in oneself and in life. 

You learn to approach fear and pain differently in your body and your life in a way that you can teach it.. 

The Grinberg Method is a practice that, although it has theoretical concepts, is first and foremost experienced. It is approached in the same way as the martial arts, through a personal practice that enriches your life and your ability to choose what you do or do not want to experience. As a practitioner, you will increase your energy level and learn to direct your attention clearly.  The more you are able to play with your fears instead of undergoing them, the more you will be able to think kinesthetically including all levels of your being. The studies teach you to be 100% present and attentive to your clients (and to yourself outside of the sessions). 


The training programme

The training program is a 1 year course of 3 modules divided into 4 weeks per year of 7 1/2 intense days, every 2/3 months.  During this time, the student can integrate the weeks with regular patient visits and personal training in order to integrate the tools of mindfulness and presence into his or her life. 

You do not have to commit to the 3 years from the beginning. After the 1st year certification you can practice as a professional, Grinberg Method Level 1 practitioner.

The modules include :

  • 330 hours of classes/year
  •  2 private lessons/year
  • Personalized training
  • A certain number of practice hours are required throughout the course. (minimum 5/6sessions/ week for the first year)
  • the video of eachweek to review
  • Supervision and certification.

Admission to the 2nd and 3rd year is validated after a supervision meeting the requirements of the previous year of study.

After the certification of the first module you can set up as a professional.

Registration procedures


A preliminary interview is required for any registration.

The course is located in Ariège in a gîte which will provide accommodation and meals.

The cost of accommodation is not included in the cost of the course.

Date of the stays for the first year of study :

11 to 17th november 2023

17 to 24th february 

27th april to 4th may 2024

6 to 13th july 2024

Training tanslated in English

Cost of the training:

3400e payable in 1 or more installments .

*If the reservation is made before may 1st 2023, you will benefit from an offer at 3000e for the first year.

Annual registration fee to be paid upon registration: € 500,00 (for didactic material provided by the Grinberg Method Int.). The registration fee is non-refundable unless cancelled by the trainer.

The terms of payment are as follows

– 1 full payment upon registration of 500+2900euros=3400euros. Or (* 500+2500e.)
– 5 monthly payments of 580e (*500e) during 5 months from the beginning of the training
after deduction of the registration fees.
– 8 monthly payments of 362,5  euros (*or 312,5)from the beginning of the training.