"Be your body" A Professionnal Training

According to the Grinberg Method

Learn to touch people's lives

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Become a bodywork practitionner. Learn about pain and trauma management. Train your attention to transform fear into ressources. Learn a challenging and stimulate profession directed towards others.

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The Bodywork training leads to become a Grinberg Method practitioner.

The profession is based on touch, body attention, the developpement of kinesthesic thinking, the body’s ability to heal itself and to continually learn in order to fulfill itself.

It approaches each individual as a whole and teaches to stop patterns of fear and pain at all levels: emotional, thought, postural that reduce the perception of self and life in order to expand attention to life and be unique.

The art of touch – In this somatic practice you will learn not only touch techniques but also how to pay attention to what the patient’s body is communicating and use your body qualities to teach with the touch with your hands and verbal guidance.

You’ll learn :

Foot analysis in order to identify patterns in the feet and client’s body and 28 techniques of foot work – holistic reflexology.

Designing your sessions and gaining experience to structure your follow-ups.

Physical training to become present, attentive and powerful.

The training requires a professional and personal ethic

The training programme

The training programme is a 3 year course. Every year of study is divided into 4 modules of 7 and a half intense days, every 2/3 months.

The structure of the training is designed to integrate the content of each week through personal practice with clients and training that will allow you to think through the practice and grow individually.

It includes : 

– 330 hours of classes/year

– 2 private lessons/year

– Personalized training

– The video of each week which allows you to come back on a course or a technique

– A certain number of practice hours are required throughout the course

– Supervision and certification.

Admission to the 2nd and 3rd year is validated after a supervision meeting the requirements of the previous year of study.

You do not have to commit to the 3 years from the beginning. After the 1st year certification you can practice as a professional grinberg method level 1 practitioner

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